These values define Meyer Construction Law, and it is through this vision that the firm grows while maintaining its distinctive quality.

On this foundation, Meyer Construction Law focuses on civil and commercial litigation with a particular focus on all aspects of construction related litigation. Meyer Construction Law is here to provide the seasoned legal representation. Meyer Construction Law understands the importance of personalized service and counsel tailored to suit your goals and needs.

The firm was founded by two litigation attorneys with a common vision on how to approach high-stakes dispute resolution. When the exposure for our clients is extreme, we undertake all efforts to secure reasonable resolution without the need for litigation or trial. However, when reasonable resolution is impossible, we are prepared to go "all-the-way" to aggressively secure positive outcomes for our clients. When we litigate, we communicate with our clients to first be clear about what we intend to achieve through litigation and how we intend to achieve the desired outcome. With that framework, we "do what it takes" to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.